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Who is McCallen Management

Marty McCallen has worked his entire career on brand visibility, sales, and event management. He has specialized in wellness & fitness events and top news outlets in the fitness and wellness industry. Marty lives in North Carolina with his family and when he is not building your brand, you can find him in the garden.

  • Over 20 years in fitness & wellness media and events
  • Experience with top global market leaders
  • Hands-on & individualized approach
  • Connected in European and American markets
  • Leader in live and online experiences
  • White glove management from idea to process to completion

How We Create Success for You

We build programs that energize people and help them reach their goals sums up our 20 year+ career. We do this by developing a long standing relationships with clubs, fitness centers, and wellness leaders and those that support their businesses. At McCallen Management we enjoy nothing more than bringing them together through in-person events and online spaces.

Driving Results

It is critical for the industry professionals we serve and that’s why my clients are some of the most recognizable fitness industry brands. Including These Fitness and wellness industry titans rely on us to position them to be in the right place to meet, connect, and grow their business.


The relationships we have cultivated with Europe’s Fitness Associations and leading American Fitness Association market enable unparalleled opportunities for creative digital and event experiences.

Europe Activ


At McCallen Management, we pride ourselves on forging partnerships with the ideal client, ensuring that every collaboration is a beacon of mutual respect, shared objectives, and unparalleled success. Our approach is rooted in understanding and aligning with clients who value our expertise and trust our process, leading to seamless project flows and exceptional outcomes. We believe in creating a synergy that not only drives efficiency but also elevates the quality of our deliverables. Our commitment to working with the right clients is reflected in the positive and productive atmosphere we cultivate. This strategic selection of clients is at the heart of McCallen Management, strengthening your brand and nurturing enduring relationships that benefit all parties involved.

Sports Art


At McCallen Management, we’re not just about building client relationships; we’re about forging powerful partnerships that stand the test of time. Our journey has been marked by strategic alliances with industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries who share our commitment to excellence, integrity, and mutual growth. These partnerships are the cornerstone of our approach, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions that exceed expectations. Through collaboration, we leverage collective strengths, driving innovation and achieving remarkable results that benefit our clients and the communities we serve. McCallen Management’s network of partnerships is a testament to our belief in the power of unity, showcasing our dedication to not only meeting but surpassing the goals we set alongside our esteemed partners.

Beyond Activ

Creating Connection

We bring a creative and pragmatic approach and strive to deliver memorable experiences and lasting connections. If it looks like we are always having fun, we are – however, we sweat the details. We wrestle with the challenges and crazy aspects of the media and fitness world so that you have a virtually seamless experience so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Who We Serve

Leaders looking to grow a company in the fitness and wellness space. Awesome professionals new to the health and wellness market or just on a new adventure. Smart Owners and Managers who want to get connected to the key decision makers.


Sean Kirby

I’ve worked with Marty over the past 20+ years and have always felt he was looking out for my or the company I represented, best interest. Not every event or digital opportunity is a good fit for every business, so Marty communicates what the target opportunities are for each and tries to best match with my goals. This has led to a very trusting relationship that can be hard to find in marketing.

Douglas A. Ribley, MS, FMFA

President, Douglas A. Ribley & Associates

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marty McCallen for several decades. His vast industry knowledge and ability to recognize opportunities that bring people, products and events together is special and industry-changing. Marty is without a doubt an effective industry leader whose passion, expertise and vision regularly produces a positive impact leading to meaningful individual and organizational success. Marty is highly respected, authentic, motivated and has established a track-record for producing outcomes that shape our industry.

Ashley St. Jules

Global Head of B2B Marketing (Les Mills)

I’ve been lucky enough to have Marty on speed-dial for several years! He is a trusted strategic partner, bringing a unique blend of extensive industry knowledge, authentic relationships, and creative thinking. From brand positioning, to audience segmentation, to optimizing budget against targets, I have always relied on Marty to be a thinking partner who provides a fresh perspective and suggests initiatives in alignment with my business objectives.

Rick Caro

President, Management Vision, Inc.

Marty McCallen has a rich history serving the fitness and wellness marketplace. For several decades, he has organized industry events, from original concept through execution. He led Club Industry, CEO Summit, SIBEC seated-buyer/seller events at resort locations and special events of all kinds aimed at specifically targeted audiences. He immersed himself in all functions--organizing, marketing, location selection, working with the venue, attracting sponsors and manufacturers, executing the event and then creating a meaningful bottomline. He has passion for this overall industry, benefits from the changing trends, is entrepreneurial and rich in experience.

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